Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Countdown is back! Two more days!

I'll be blogging all over the place for the next couple weeks just to let people know Wolf! is out there. The lucky person who comments at the most number of blog spots will win a free copy of Wolf!.

There are a couple places you can check already. One post is up on Janice Seagraves Library Blog, thank you, Janice. and another one at So get on over there and leave a comment!

Here's another little excerpt:

Lyssa swept the curtain aside and stepped through the doorway, automatically smiling for the potential customer. She lifted her gaze to the golden stare of a stranger…a very large stranger. Broad shoulders, reminiscent of a Viking, barely cleared the small doorframe with very little headroom. She glanced at the spare inches above his head. Six-four maybe. The late afternoon sun streaked through, highlighting the auburn streaks in his dark brown, curly hair creating a shimmer of red—an eerie sight. She had never seen hair that color. Not on a person.

Lyssa’s face felt frozen, like a plaster cast ready to crack if she changed her expression.

His nostrils flared. What does he smell? Who is he? She sniffed again. What is he?

The wildness is upon us! Come and get to know Lyssa and Wolfe. I promise you'll enjoy!


Release date: 10/1/2010

Whispers Publishing


  1. What a tantalising comment :-) Best wishes o your blog tour and book sales.

  2. Ooh, loving your book. I'm one of the hosts on the tour so I will probably bump into you all the time lol

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'll be looking for the rest of the blogs!
    Christine K.

  5. Congrats, Marie. Wolf! is a great story! I'll be posting about it on Friday.

  6. Glad you're enjoying the posts, and thanks Penelope! See you soon Margaret!

  7. sounds awesome cant wiatto follow along

  8. Hey SiNn, You won the free copy for leaving the most comments. Where shall I send it?


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