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Thanks to all those who joined in the Blog Tour last week. It was great fun. Judy was the winner of the free copy of Wolf!.


This is great!! Thanks so much!! I enjoyed the tour, a lot of fun!!!

So here's a little snippet from Wolf!.

Wilderness Wanderings

38 Militant Falls

Saliston, NY

For a casual hike, a week long trek,

wilderness or wildlife education,

or any other reason to explore the great

outdoors – we would be happy to be your guide.

A hint of a smile tugged at his lips as if he had caught her little joke to herself. He looked away and glanced around the shop. “I’d like to schedule a hike into the Adirondacks and your services come highly recommended…assuming you’re Lyssa Merrick.” He pointed at the plaque on the wall behind her.

His voice, like warm maple syrup, poured over her. A vision flashed across her mind of hiking with him, touching, holding hands. She blinked and did a mental shake. She flipped open her planner. “How long a hike are you planning?”

Wiping her damp palms on her jeans, she tried not to breathe too deeply. His scent had her wanting to step closer and inhale him, to touch him…to lean into his broad chest, dip her tongue into his...whoa. Down girl.

And here's what a few fellow authors had to say:

Christine DePetrillo says:

Author Marie Beau spins a fabulous tale of finding one’s mate and having the patience to wait for love. Her characters, Lyssa and Wolfe, are well-written and dynamic. The contrast between their spoken language and body language is both amusing and alluring—a perfect example of how reason and logic don’t always know what the body and heart know.

Having read a great deal of shapeshifter stories, what I found most pleasing about Beau’s Wolf! was how comfortable the characters were in their animal forms. So many books of this paranormal nature describe characters who are self-conscious about their abilities to shift. They are sometimes fearful of shifting or so concerned with trying to hide their wild sides that they can’t enjoy being themselves. Beau’s characters openly embrace their furry forms and a sexy playfulness shines through.

I’ve always thought I could make it as a shapeshifter. Marie Beau’s Wolf! makes me want to howl at the moon even more.

Christine DePetrillo

ALASKA HEART, The Wild Rose Press, available now

ALLEY CAT, Whispers Publishing, available now

And from Skhye Moncrief:

WOLF!, a sexy little story that takes pack mentality down to the level of the individual, offers a heroine the reader can relate to, a hero that any woman would desire, and a whole lot of sizzling magnetic attraction...

Skhye Moncief


Stories available at

And from Penny Watson:

This story has the perfect balance of romance, sexiness and attraction, and the paranormal aspect is very well integrated into the story. You can really identify with their animal instincts....I love the nuzzling! Wolfe is so sexy and protective...he's a wonderful hero. (The fact that he has a nice furry pelt doesn't hurt either...hee hee!).

Penny Watson
Fictionwise Top Ten Bestseller

Thanks for stopping by!

Marie Beau


Release date: 10/1/2010

Whispers Publishing

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Halloween Party fun!

Welcome to the Shape Shifter Halloween Party Blog Tour! Come on in, sit down and have some punch and snacks! We hope you've had fun all week and that you'll stick around for the party and chat with some of us a little later. The place should be pretty full from 9 - 11PM (sorry, that's EST). Lots of the characters are coming, and I'm sure you'll be able to find a few authors in the bunch.

Once again, there's still time to enter the drawing for a copy of Wolf! Just leave a comment and tell me what kind of animal shifter she is and what she does for a living. (If you click on the title you can sneak a peek and find the answers...)

Let's get on with the party!

"Will you leave the beef jerky alone, Wolfe. There won't be any left for our guests. I only made ten pounds!"

Wolfe stepped closer to Lyssa and pulled her to him. "Have a taste. You've outdone yourself." Wolfe licked at her lips until she started laughing - then he dove in.

As usual, Lyssa could only hold on for the ride. Her hands clutched his shoulders as she sipped at his tongue, enjoying not just the tang of the jerky but the sweet taste of Wolfe. "Mmmm, maybe I should have made more..."

Wolfe's chuckle vibrated through her.

Lyssa pushed out of Wolfe's arms when the doorbell rang. "Be good," she said, as she turned to get the door. She looked over her shoulder as she stepped around the cage of rabbits, catching a glimpse of Wolfe munching on another piece of jerky. "That's what I get for cooking meat," she grumbled. "Next time I'll make cookies." She yanked open the heavy wooden door and stared out at the troop of gypsies on the doorstep - unless they were in costume - but they certainly looked like the real thing.

"Um, can I help you?"

"Is this the Reardon house?"

Was that an Irish lilt in his voice? And what was a priest doing with them? Lyssa stepped back to watch as they carried some strange looking instruments into the house - what looked like a hollow log and a large rock, among other things.

"Buck!" Wolfe said from behind her as he held out his hand. "I was a little worried you weren't going to make it."

Lyssa glanced back and forth between them.

"Oh, just a little side trip along the way. We had to dodge a paparazzi fellow, but no worries."

"Come on then, you can set up in the Great Hall. There'll be plenty of room for everyone." Wolfe put his arm around Lyssa's shoulders and turned her so they could lead the way. "These are the Travelers," he said as he met her gaze. "They have a couple CD's out and I'm sure most of our guests will love their music. Kind of a taste of the wild."

"Just how many 'guests' are we expecting tonight?" She glanced around at the meager snacks she had put out. "I thought you said a few friends were joining us."

"Friends, family, friends of know how these things grow. A bear, a few werewolves, an elf, and a few angels." He shrugged. Wolfe kissed the top of her head. "Who knows? No need to worry. A number of people are bringing snacks, plus we have fresh meat."

Her eyes went wide. "No one is eating those rabbits in this castle! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get blood off of stone floors and walls?" Lyssa stomped her foot. "I am not going to spend days cleaning this place or paying a huge bill to the owners to have it cleaned."

Wolfe smiled, his gold eyes glowing. He slid a hand through her hair and leaned down for a kiss. "Do you have any idea how adorable you are when you're all flushed and your whiskers are showing?" His thumb brushed over her lip, tickling the whiskers that had sprouted there. He gave her one more chaste kiss then whispered in her ear, "The owners will be here too. They're not worried about it."

"Just who are the owners?" Lyssa narrowed her eyes and looked around. The pumpkins and glowing ghouls and goblins had certainly livened up what had been a pretty gloomy place.

"Doesn't matter. You'll meet them soon enough."

The doorbell rang again and Lyssa glanced up at Wolfe. "You want to get that?"

Come on in and join the party...the more the merrier...right?Let's see what Anthony has to say today .

Hopping time is over! Time to join the party!

When the doorbell rang again, Lyssa opened the door wide. "Come in, come in," she said, and held out her hand. "And you would be?"

"Umm, Max and Richard. Wolfe invited us."

She nodded her head. "I'm sure he did." She noticed the dish in their hands, but didn't ask what it was. She pointed behind her. "You can find him in the Great Hall helping the band to set up.

They nodded their heads as they passed and she heard them say, "I didn't know there was gonna be live...shit! look at all those rabbits. I hope there's gonna be a hunt!"

Lyssa shuddered but her inner cat growled in agreement.


She turned her head so fast she could have been on The Exorcist. "Hi." She clutched her hand tight to keep the claws in her own palm.

"Hi, I'm Gregor, and this is Regina."

Lyssa took a deep breath and smiled. "Hi." She held out her hand. "I'm Lyssa. Come on in. Wolfe is in the Great Hall with a few other guests."

"Sorry if we're early-"

"No, no, any friend of Wolfe's is welcome anytime."

Again they nodded and followed down the hall in the direction she had pointed. "Look at those paintings - and the murals...and those rabbits. Do you think-"

And she couldn't hear anymore. She turned back to the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. Four golden eyes stared back at her and a pair of sinfully blue ones gazed at her. The wings on their backs, although folded in, were daunting nonetheless.

The one with blue eyes and long black hair stepped forward and took her hand to kiss it, his lips soft as silk. "You must be Lyssa." His blue eyes pierced her.

She nodded and tried to pull her hand back but he held onto it gently. Let me introduce myself. I'm Grayson, this is Eli." He gestured to his left. "And this is Gabriel."

"Welcome," she whispered then cleared her throat. "Please, join Wolfe and some of our other guests in the Great Hall." She gestured behind herself and breathed a sigh as they walked through.

She turned back in time as a man and woman walked through with a nod. "I'm Jack, and this is Kate."

Lyssa nodded back. "Come on in."

With a heavy sigh she stared out into the darkness then turned back to the cage of rabbits. A smile tilting her lips, she lifted the door at the end of the cage and the rabbits slowly realized freedom was calling. As the last one hopped out the door Wolfe stepped into the hallway.


She turned back and smiled as she shifted. If she could have spoken she would have dared him to match her catch. The last thing she heard was the scrabble of claws on the stone floor as she leaped out the door.

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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome to our Shape Shifter Blog Tour. You are welcome to follow from site to site, or to pick and choose where you want to go from the list at the bottom of the page. However you do it, don't forget to leave a message. Many sites are giving away a copy of their book - just follow the hints on how to win. For a copy of Wolf!, tell me what kind of animal Lyssa is, and what she does for a living. I will choose a winner from those with the correct answers. (Click on the title for a quick look.)

A full list of participating sites can be found at the bottom of this blog.

Let's spend a little time with Lyssa and Wolfe and see what they're up
to before the party begins.

"What on earth are you planning, Wolfe?" Lyssa stared at a bunch of rabbits in the cage in the middle of the room.

"Just a little surprise for a few friends..." Wolfe licked his lips, his eyes gleaming like his wolf counterpart. He stared at a plump hare that sat grooming his long ears. "Maybe a little game of hide and seek at the party...who knows."

Lyssa glanced over at the pups and kitten playing on the floor then raised her gaze to his. "I think the pups should go stay at mom and dad's for the weekend."

Wolfe's golden eyes dropped to half mast and settled on Lyssa as he took a step
closer, then another. She could feel his body heat from where he stood, inches away.
His nostrils flared when he leaned forward. "Sounds like a wonderful idea." His hand slid over her collar bone and around her neck, his thumb rubbing her lips until she opened slightly.
She licked the pad of his thumb and bit down. They both groaned.

Lyssa stepped forward the scant inches and breathed deeply. Wolfe's warm musky scent had her planting her nose in his neck, her tongue sneaking out for a taste of him.

His hand rubbed the back of her neck, and Lyssa tilted her head into his palm. She rubbed her cheek against him.

Wolfe's thumb tilted her chin up as he leaned forward and wrapped an arm around her.
His lips brushed against her ear then sank onto hers. "How soon could they pick them up, do you think?" he mumbled against her lips.

Lyssa panted when he lifted his head away and she had to clear her throat to respond. She rubbed her lower body against him and whimpered then glanced back at the pups.

"I'll go call them now. Maybe they can come right away."

Wolfe's arm tightened around her waist. "In a minute." His hands were everywhere, touching, petting, squeezing...then his lips joined the game. He nibbled softly on her lips until she sighed and opened for him. His tongue accepted the invitation and sank deep.

Lyssa wrapped her hands behind his neck, trying to draw him closer, to crawl onto him, to absorb him into herself.

The sound of a door opening drew both their attention.

"What? You couldn't wait a few more minutes till we picked them up?" Lyssa's
mother asked with a chuckle.


Her mother waved a hand at her. "You just go ahead with what you were doing. Thank goodness someone had the good sense to call us earlier." She glanced at Wolfe. "You know, we're not opposed to a few more pups. Enjoy your party." She whisked the kids together and scooted them toward the door.

Wolfe laughed and slid around behind Lyssa, rubbing against her while his hands held her steady. He lowered his head and rubbed his cheek against hers. "Me either. We have plenty of time to get ready for the party. Let's just relax for a bit."

His hand slid across her stomach, his little finger delving into her belly button as she heard the door close.

Lyssa moaned, happy to leave herself in his capable hands.

Next stop on the tour is Anthony Stevens...

with the rest to follow. Enjoy the tour!

Enjoy your travels!

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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome today to Paty Jager, author #9. Here's a little of what I could learn about her.

Paty Jager has always had a fascination with the Native Americans and how they were treated. In her trilogy about Nez Perce spirits she has captured the Nez Perce lifestyle and inserted her imagination of what the spirits would be like if they could or did walk this earth. One shifts into wolf form, one into an elk, and one into a bald eagle.

She has five historical western romance novels available through The Wild Rose Press and one contemporary western, which won the 2008 Best Contemporary Romance EPPIE. To learn more about Paty drop by her website: To purchase her books to go to or any e-book or print outlet.


Wren, the daughter of a Nimiipuu chief, has been fated to save her people ever since her vision quest. When a warrior from the enemy Blackleg tribe asks for her hand in marriage to bring peace between the tribes, her world is torn apart.

Himiin is the spirit of the mountain, custodian to all creatures including the Nimiipuu. As a white wolf he listens to Wren’s secret fears and loses his heart to the mortal maiden. Respecting her people’s beliefs, he cannot prevent her leaving the mountain with the Blackleg warrior.

When an evil spirit threatens Wren’s life, Himiin must leave the mountain to save her. But to leave the mountain means he’ll turn to smoke…


Wren’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. “My gift is to save The People. The weyekin who came to me in my vision quest said this.” She wrapped her arms around herself as if staving off a cold breeze.

Himiin hated that they argued when they should relish their time together. He moved to her, drawing her against his chest, embracing her. The shape of her body molded to his. Her curves pressed against him. Holding her this way flamed the need he’d tried to suppress.

He placed a hand under her chin, raising her face to his. The sorrow in her eyes tugged at his conscience. To make her leaving any harder was wrong. But having experienced her in his arms, he was grieved to let her go. Even for the sake of their people.

Her eyelids fluttered closed. Her pulse quickened under his fingers. Shrugging off the consequences, he lowered his lips to hers. They were softer than he imagined. Her breath hitched as he touched her intimately. Parting his lips, he touched her with his tongue, wanting to see if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.


She tasted of sweet honey straight from the bosom of a bee tree.

One taste was not enough. He pulled her closer, moving his lips across hers, tasting and savoring the feel of them.

Her mouth opened and she sighed.

His body came to life. The sensations transcended anything he’d experienced before. How could one woman make him feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time? Why did he wish to crush her to him and never let go and yet feel compelled to treat her with the tenderness one would give the tiniest of creatures? He couldn’t continue this way.

To hold her, to touch her soft skin. He would never be able to let her go.

He must.

Paty Jager
Award Winning
Western Romance Author

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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Day 8 of the introduction of our Halloween Blog Tour guests brings us some information about Simone Eden.

Here's a nibble...

Simone Eden became addicted to reading around age eight when her teacher read Charlotte's Web aloud to the class. She began writing her own novels in high school. She is a mother, wife and grandmother, has lived for more than half a century, and held many jobs. But her great passion is writing. In her stories she explores sensuality and spirituality but with strange settings or characters.

Sounds like just our cup of potion, would you care for some? No, well, here's a niblet of her story:


Spell of the Cat is a fantasy romance about a race of shape-shifting cat-like creatures, called Baashi. They've hidden from humans for thousands of years. But a scientist has recently discovered a pack and is conducting experiments to learn more about them.

Jenna, a computer specialist at the research laboratory and Keth, one of the males of the pack, are thrown together in a series of mind-shattering encounters that bond them to one another. Can the pyschic connection known as 'mys' become something stronger through the power of love?


Keth snapped awake. A tiny house cat was snuggled up against him. When he moved, it sneezed delicately and scooted closer. Keth eased himself away. A sharp pain in his side reminded him of his predicament and the night's events. He stretched his body while absorbing the sensual awareness from the nearby human woman. The woman with her strong, beautiful spirit.

Being with her had started to heal him. His bones were stitching back together; the pain lessening. His friends had brought him to this house because of the powerful healing he needed. Since ancient times, energy had flowed between Baashi and humans in a therapeutic symbiosis, benefiting both.

A pulse on the side of his head teased Keth with the woman's nearness. The bond between them was already woven thick. His inner
mys itched to join with her. Leaping to his feet, Keth concentrated on transforming. A knot of pain protested the exertion of his power but he focused harder. With sparkling and crackling, his body wrenched into man form and he stood upright, naked, shaking long dark hair back from his eyes. The woman's house cat backed away from him, hissing and flicking its tail in antagonism. Keth ignored it.

Scratches marred his muscular legs, a bruise discolored the golden skin over his ribs. He ran one hand through his hair. He still had a headache, but he felt much better than when he arrived here. He looked towards the woman's door.

One more exchange with her should finish his healing. On bare feet, air caressing his naked skin, he padded across the living room. But when he reached for the doorknob, the little cat sprang out and sank its teeth into his toe. Keth cursed, his leg reflexively kicking out. The animal tumbled across the floor and righted itself at once, hissing and arching its back. Keth hissed a warning of his own. The cat backed down and Keth turned the knob on the door.

There was no sound within the room as he eased the door open. Keth slipped inside and shut the door behind him, leaning back against it. The woman on the bed lay in a deep sleep due to the enspelling nature of the
mys bond woven between them. A stream of light from the slightly opened bathroom door flowed over her honey-caramel skin. She was an exquisite dessert laid out for him. Her hair was hidden by a cranberry colored wrap, which suited her skin tone, but he knew rich mahogany waves of hair fell past her shoulders. Dark lashes swept her cheeks and rosy lips were parted. The unconscious sensuality of the scene warmed his core and caused his erection to thicken and rise further. He hungered for the most direct connection, physical joining.

She was ripe. He knew from the energy pulsing between them that she was a good match for him, capable of direct connection with her inner core. Anticipation forced his cock harder, higher.

Keth sucked in his breath. The woman's aura drew him across the room.
Mys leapt out wrapping around both of them, knitting their energy together. He stopped beside the bed, holding his breath. He was so shaken that it was an effort to keep her shielded from awareness of him.




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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome to Day 7 of our Blog Tour Author introductions. Today we have Mary Alice Pritchard.

Here's a little info that I could dig up about her.

Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, Mary Alice Pritchard has lived all over the state of Mississippi. She's a nurse and has worked in nearly every area of the profession including Home Health and Hospice. Her favorite area in the hospital is the Emergency Department with its fast pace and constant change, a true adrenaline junkie!

Drawing from the rich culture of theSouth and her own menagerie of experiences over the years, she spins addictive tales of romantic intrigue, mystery and suspense mixed with the paranormal and lightly sprinkled with her unique style of humor.

Presently living in the northern part of the state, she works in the reimbursement area of finance for a large health system and quietly creates conspiracies and conundrums to entertain herself while plugging away at work. She lives with several muses who both inspire and conspire against her, their feline antics a constant source of entertainment and inspiration for her writing. Her love of animals is only matched by her love of books and the joy of exploring a new world every time she begins a new one.

Here's a peek at her latest, Leopard Dreams, Book 2 of her Tales of the Cat.

Zack is a were-jaguar, first to be king of the southern pride, and in Kristen he's found his true mate. But is she part of the experiments the humans are performing on weres? Or is she innocent? Will he have to fight his best friend and the king to possess her?

Kristen is a were-leopard searching for her brother. She doesn't need, or want, a mate--especially not a jaguar. Despite all of Zack's efforts, she refuses to acknowledge him. Will she learn to trust Zack? Or will she run away to escape her past and Zack's love?


His mouth dipped down to softly touch her lips with his. He placed soft kisses against her lips, butterfly kisses that made her shiver and ache to reach up and grab his hair. She wanted to pull him down against her, but she balled her hands into fists under the sudsy water and just let him kiss her like a china doll.

The feel of his lips so light and delicate against the corner of her mouth and then the corners of her eyes drew a whimper from deep inside. Kristen wanted to curse the weakness washing over her in slow thick waves. His mouth moved to her temple.

Heat reached out from his body to hers and though he didn't touch her anywhere with any part of his body other than his lips, she wanted him to. Dear God, she wanted him to touch her all over.

Mary Alice Pritchard Romantic Suspense -

Pushing You To The Edge

Ooo la la. Sounds like a hot one!


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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome Catherine Bybee to our
wonderful Blog Tour.

I can't wait to hear all about your story. (And by the way, your wolf is gorgeous!)

So tells us a little about yourself.

First and always I'm a wife and a mother. My passion is writing. Anything and everything romance. If it doesn't have a happily ever after, I'm not interested. Lets face it. Life is full of... well... life. Having spent over a decade of my life working as a RN in urban Emergency Rooms, I want to escape when I pick up a book. And I now create those worlds for you to escape into. So sit a spell and see if we have something in common to yack about.


Werewolves come in two categories, good and evil. Although Richard Ritter's family has encouraged him to make the change for years, he never considered embracing his wolf until he meets Kate Davis. One night with her however, and his life changes forever.

After a horrifying evening of violence, Kate Davis's life is turned upside down. Richard offers more than security; he offers her passion, something she hasn’t experienced in years. Falling in love with him was easy, but once she learns what he becomes every month her fear of the unknown threatens their future.



“How are you holding up?”

Richard appeared to be watching her like an uncertain child on their first day at school. “My life is spinning out of control.” Her words expressed her frustration. “I don’t know you, I don’t know your family, yet here I am... At your mercy.”

“If there was another way...”

“Is there?”

He shook his head. “None that I can see. You and Joey will be safe here.”

“For how long, Richard?” Kate swallowed the knot in her throat. She didn’t want to cry again. She was tired of crying yet her eyes burned all the same.

He moved closer, caught her chin, and forced her eyes to his. “As long as it takes.”

“I don’t want to impose.”

“You’re not an imposition,” he assured her.

She could see the sincerity of his emotion. His caring eyes made her believe him. She didn’t understand his motives. Why did he care what happened to them?

Richard stroked the pad of his thumb over her cheek, his lips parted as if he wanted to say something. He didn’t. Instead, his head dipped lower, his eyes questioned.

Oh, God. He’s going to kiss me, she thought. Part of her wanted to back away, a very small part of her. The bigger part, however, wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on hers. Butterflies warmed her belly. Anticipation rushed through her veins. How long had it been since a man had kissed her?


Be sure and pick up Richard’s brothers story, Before the Moon Rises – Available Now

Thanks for stopping by Catherine. Good luck with your stories! And what a great cliff hanger. Makes me want to go out and get a copy right now!

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Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome to Susan Hanniford Crowley on Day 5 of "Meet Our Blog Tour Authors".


I’m Susan Hanniford Crowley, author of the Vampires in Manhattan series, adventures with romance focused on the Arnhem Society, a secret vampire society in New York City, which safeguards humans from vampire death and gives aid to supernaturals in danger. Featured today is Vampire in the Basement published by Tease Publishing LLC and is available in ebook. This is the sequel to When Love Survives. In it we follow Gregor, shifter, and Regina, half elf/half leprechaun, to his home in Maine where they plan to marry. Even the best plans go awry. Fun, mayhem, and very hot passion blaze through this strange romantic comedy which introduces Gregor’s bunny shifting sister Lorraine.

I’m a crossover author from science fiction and fantasy, who has studied vampire mythology and documented cases for the last 20 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and collecting dragons and seashells.

Blurb from Vampire in the Basement: (ebook) (sequel to When Love Survives)

When shifter Gregor and half elf/half leprechaun Regina leave New York City, all they want is to be together. But a dark past invades their lives.

A broken heart can never heal. That’s what Gregor’s sister, Lorraine, believes until this bunny shapeshifter who keeps forgetting her clothes meets Theo.

Tall, blond, and handsome Theo, vampire and
Arnhem Knight, assists supernaturals in need but when he meets Lorraine, he needs her in everyway. It’s more than desire. He wants her heart. Can he save her and her family?


Waking up with Gregor’s strong naked body against hers was a hundred times delicious, so delicious, that it was easy to forget they were sharing a makeshift bed of an open sleeping bag and blankets in a cave somewhere in Maine. His great, strong arms embraced her securely, not so tightly as to impede breathing, but enough to make Regina feel worshipped and adored and aware that he was still worried about her. The raw energy of the forest beyond the cave flowed into her, increasing her strength and making her glad to finally realize her half elf, half leprechaun heritage. The horrible feeling of having her life sucked out was almost gone.

The man holding onto her so tightly saved her life and sanity. A part of Regina questioned if she loved Gregor because of that. She closed her eyes and thought back to that time climbing through the rubble of the towers, listening to the screams in her head, as she tried to locate survivors. Regina could still see the face of the dying man. All she did was send a spark through him like she'd done thousands of times before to recharge batteries. But this time it was enough to save a life. Sighing, she hugged Gregor and he responded by squeezing her a little tighter. Gazing at his handsome sleeping face framed by thick dark hair made her heart finally peaceful. Gregor was her refuge, her champion, and everything she needed love to be. My big, brave bear of a man.

Gregor growled in his sleep, and she couldn't help kissing the stubble of beard on his cheek. How does he always manage to look so ‘drink me up sexy’? A part of her couldn't help but be annoyed, but the other part of her enjoyed looking at him too much. Then he moved onto his back, and she couldn’t resist crawling on top of him and brushing her lips ever so gently on his.

In one swift movement, he had her on her back. His blue Maine summer day eyes sparkled with mischief. He kissed her, peering down at her. "What were you up to when I was asleep?" His low rumbling laugh made her body shiver. Regina could feel his excitement growing harder against her thigh.

"Gree, I was thinking that I feel well enough to go back to New York."

“Sweetheart, there aren't anymore survivors to find." He stroked the side of her face, his fingers lingering in her hair. "I had to get you out of there. You were dying.” As his mouth pressed against her lips, his tongue pushed them apart and caressed the inside of her mouth until she gasped. “I love you, Reggie. How would I live without you?” With his lips, he worshiped her eyes, her nose, and finally her mouth again.

“Still we should have stayed. There might have been something else we could have done.”

"No. There wasn't." His eyes narrowed. "You're afraid to meet my family."

"No," she stammered. "It's not that at all.

He chuckled. "Yes, it is, Regina." He bit her lower lip playfully. Then he brushed a lock of hair tenderly out of her face. "Listen, I'd be nervous if we were in Alaska meeting your parents."

Regina couldn't help the trepidation she felt. As far as she knew, they were only minutes from his house.
"What if they don't like me?"

"They are going to love you. Like I do. Okay, maybe not exactly like I do." He had one hand on her breast.

Thanks for coming, that last line!