Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shape Shifter Romance Coming Soon!


Have you ever had time just seem to be dragging, but it's really rushing by?

That's how I feel. Just two more weeks of nervously waiting.

Well, back to the story...I just wanted to share another nibble of the scene where Lyssa and Wolfe meet...


Their gazes clashed, and slowly the corner of his mouth lifted in a semblance of a smile. His gaze made a short excursion down her body. “Good. Im an experienced hiker and anyone else who comes with me will be also.”

It felt like hands skimmed over her flesh, not just his gaze. Gooseflesh broke out on her arms as she quivered inside. Lyssa lifted one hand toward the pen and the other to the cover of her appointment book.

He stepped closer to the counter, close enough that when he reached out, his hand covered hers. Shockwaves raced through her system.

Her heartbeat kicked up a notch. She licked her lips and took a deep breath. Oh God, now what have I done. Lyssa tried to slide her hand out from under his but he wrapped his thumb around to her palm and gently held her hand in place. She swallowed hard and set the pen back down, her insides melting.

The scent came to her again, stronger than before.

Her gaze jerked up. Darn it all, I’m really slipping. Wolf!

Release date: 10/1/2010

Whispers Publishing

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