Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Day 8 of the introduction of our Halloween Blog Tour guests brings us some information about Simone Eden.

Here's a nibble...

Simone Eden became addicted to reading around age eight when her teacher read Charlotte's Web aloud to the class. She began writing her own novels in high school. She is a mother, wife and grandmother, has lived for more than half a century, and held many jobs. But her great passion is writing. In her stories she explores sensuality and spirituality but with strange settings or characters.

Sounds like just our cup of potion, would you care for some? No, well, here's a niblet of her story:


Spell of the Cat is a fantasy romance about a race of shape-shifting cat-like creatures, called Baashi. They've hidden from humans for thousands of years. But a scientist has recently discovered a pack and is conducting experiments to learn more about them.

Jenna, a computer specialist at the research laboratory and Keth, one of the males of the pack, are thrown together in a series of mind-shattering encounters that bond them to one another. Can the pyschic connection known as 'mys' become something stronger through the power of love?


Keth snapped awake. A tiny house cat was snuggled up against him. When he moved, it sneezed delicately and scooted closer. Keth eased himself away. A sharp pain in his side reminded him of his predicament and the night's events. He stretched his body while absorbing the sensual awareness from the nearby human woman. The woman with her strong, beautiful spirit.

Being with her had started to heal him. His bones were stitching back together; the pain lessening. His friends had brought him to this house because of the powerful healing he needed. Since ancient times, energy had flowed between Baashi and humans in a therapeutic symbiosis, benefiting both.

A pulse on the side of his head teased Keth with the woman's nearness. The bond between them was already woven thick. His inner
mys itched to join with her. Leaping to his feet, Keth concentrated on transforming. A knot of pain protested the exertion of his power but he focused harder. With sparkling and crackling, his body wrenched into man form and he stood upright, naked, shaking long dark hair back from his eyes. The woman's house cat backed away from him, hissing and flicking its tail in antagonism. Keth ignored it.

Scratches marred his muscular legs, a bruise discolored the golden skin over his ribs. He ran one hand through his hair. He still had a headache, but he felt much better than when he arrived here. He looked towards the woman's door.

One more exchange with her should finish his healing. On bare feet, air caressing his naked skin, he padded across the living room. But when he reached for the doorknob, the little cat sprang out and sank its teeth into his toe. Keth cursed, his leg reflexively kicking out. The animal tumbled across the floor and righted itself at once, hissing and arching its back. Keth hissed a warning of his own. The cat backed down and Keth turned the knob on the door.

There was no sound within the room as he eased the door open. Keth slipped inside and shut the door behind him, leaning back against it. The woman on the bed lay in a deep sleep due to the enspelling nature of the
mys bond woven between them. A stream of light from the slightly opened bathroom door flowed over her honey-caramel skin. She was an exquisite dessert laid out for him. Her hair was hidden by a cranberry colored wrap, which suited her skin tone, but he knew rich mahogany waves of hair fell past her shoulders. Dark lashes swept her cheeks and rosy lips were parted. The unconscious sensuality of the scene warmed his core and caused his erection to thicken and rise further. He hungered for the most direct connection, physical joining.

She was ripe. He knew from the energy pulsing between them that she was a good match for him, capable of direct connection with her inner core. Anticipation forced his cock harder, higher.

Keth sucked in his breath. The woman's aura drew him across the room.
Mys leapt out wrapping around both of them, knitting their energy together. He stopped beside the bed, holding his breath. He was so shaken that it was an effort to keep her shielded from awareness of him.





  1. Nice having you here, Simone. Your cats sound really neat!

  2. I like the intense imagery in this excerpt. But then again, I've been a cat person for many years. Just keep in mind, dogs have owners and cats have staff.

  3. LOL How very true Anthony!
    I love the hissing contest between the little cat and Keth.

  4. Heeeerre kitty, kitty, kitty... [while holding out a handful of catnip and grinning wickedly]

  5. Marie, thanks so much for letting me join the tour. There are some great stories here. Keep 'em coming!

  6. Anthony and Marie, I'm glad you like my little kitty! Snowflake is a feisty little girl. Keth better watch out!


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