Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Here we have another author from our upcoming tour. Let's welcome Anthony Stevens and his Shifter series.

Tell us a little about yourself, Anthony.

I’m an olde pharte technogeek, writer, photographer, leathercrafter, Dom, car nut, SCAdian history freak, costumer, scale modeler and graphics enthusiast.

I’ve gone by the handle Master Anthony Stevens from time to time, or just MAS. In Spanish, that is… MAS que los de mas, MAS de todo o’ MAS que nada.

I’m a cat lover (seems to be a writer thing, eh?) and live in northern Virginia.

My own favorite reading matter is SciFi, Fantasy and of course, Erotica.

Care to tell us about your Shifter series?

Sure, let's start at the beginning.

Becoming an adult is scary. Even with fang and fur.


Frank was grinning like a fool. It was illegal to hunt deer at night and here was a whole pack of folks getting ready to do it. Not only that, but it looked like this priest was running an illegal hunting camp. He did wonder what they were going to use for the hunt, since there were no rifles that he could make out. Several of his shots would be good quality with all the bright light they had around that stage. It looked like a couple of campfires had been setup, along with some charcoal grilles, but none of these had been lit, yet.

The photographer let his attention slip during the prayer but it snapped back a moment later when he saw first the preacher and then about a dozen others getting undressed.

"What th' kinky hell is goin' on?" Frank murmured to himself. This didn’t stop him from taking shot after shot as some of the gypsies walked back to the campers and others were getting naked. There were several very pretty women, but one absolutely stunning young woman had black hair that flowed past her shoulders. She and her boyfriend were also stripping. Well aware of the fact that sex sells, he made sure to get plenty of her images. He stopped, yanked the memory card from his camera, replaced it with an empty one and kept shooting.

Father Phil was standing, naked and with his arms folded, watching the others. Frank made sure he got several shots of that pose. It would not go over well with his church leaders, but it would surely make Frank a ton of cash.

Once more he focused on the raven-haired beauty and her boyfriend. "Damn! She has great tits." He muttered. At that instant, she gave her boyfriend a quick kiss and the pair of them squatted down. They seemed to glow a bright blue for just a second and before his camera could adjust there was a large gray wolf and a sleek black leopard in their place. Frank’s jaw dropped wide open. He tried to refocus and then realized that there were a whole series of blue flashes and in every case, the humans were gone and had been replaced with some wild beast. A few of the ones that kept their clothing sat sipping drinks, smiling, pointing and commenting on the changes their friends and family were experiencing.

His heart in his throat, Frank kept shooting, more from habit and reflexes than anything else. There were huge dogs that he recognized as Deerhounds, more leopards and wolves and even a black bear.

As the last of them ran, bounded and loped out of the light and into the woods, he began to understand.

That was when it dawned on him. His escape path led through the woods and back up a quarter mile of uphill country road to his car. All the beasts had run deeper into the woods, but he remembered the preacher saying they could hunt the pastures as well. Those pastures were between him and the safety of his car.

Here's a link to the trailer. Come have a look.


  1. Thanks for coming Anthony! The series sounds great!

  2. Thanks for having me!
    The blog looks great and I'm looking forward to the chat, later on.

  3. I haven't listened to Jean Luc Ponty in years - what a blast! Thanks for reminding me of his music!

  4. Shifter Born is the first of a series of Urban Fantasy stories. How many stories do you have planned and do you need read them order?

  5. There are five short stories that lead to an apocalyptic novel. Each will be stand-alone, but they do share some characters and locations.
    For example, the latest, Shifter Run, refers to an incident in Shifter Born, the first story. The result of the incident is obvious in Shifter Run, but if you want the full back story, you will probably enjoy Shifter Born.


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