Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shape Shifter Blog Tour Spooktacular

Welcome to Karen Nutt today. Let's see what she brings to the mix!

Hi Karen, so what really tickles your fancy? Kicks your muses into high gear?

Time Travels have been a passion of mine. I have always been intrigued with the possibility of being able to reach back in time and change the past. Common sense says influencing the past isn’t impossible, but I can’t help but wonder: What if I can?

Fallen Angels, vampires and shape shifters embrace my darker si

de where their worlds intertwine with ours.

I share my life with a wonderful man, three lovely children and house full of pets.

If you're interested in knowing more about my Time Travels and Otherworldy Tale, please stop by my website:http://www.kmnbooks.com

Books in the giveaway

Eli: Warriors for the Light (Angel Shifters)

At a very young age the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori’s head. He managed to break all of them. He falls in love with Ryden O'Sullivan, a human, his soul mate. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. With his wings bound and his magic gone, can Eli protect his love? Will any of it matter to the Watchers?

Moon Shifter (Werwolves)

Sydney believes she is a monster, a werewolf. She flees before Grayson can help her adjust, but Grayson must find her. Sydney’s body is still changing and the were-lust will drive her crazy if not sated. He has until the full moon to help her tame the wolf inside and convince her she’s his soul mate. If he fails, he loses her forever.

Destiny's Prerogative (Jaguar Shiftes)

When Dr. Shay McCormick died, there was no white light, no loved one to comfort her. There was a half-man, half-jaguar there to greet her. He’s a descendant of the nagual, a spirit guide. It isn’t her time and he leads her to safety. Shay wants proof shapeshifters exist. Her curiosity leads her into a world of danger and to Gabriel Cruzado. Fate threw them together, but despite their differences, they work together, trying to eliminate the threat that will destroy their future.

Wow, Karen, thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Karen, your prizes all sound like great reads!
    Looking forward to the tour!

  2. Hi, Mariposa.

    Thanks for coming by. Thanks:) I'm looking forward to the tour, too.

    Thanks for putting this all together.

  3. I really liked Eli. Your other stories sound good, too.

    I look forward the tour.


  5. Hi Karen - I agree with the crowd. Your stories sound wonderful!

  6. Hi Cathy,
    I'm so glad you liked Eli. Hope to see you on the tour. There are many more shifters to meet. :)

  7. Karen, great post and good luck with your tour.

  8. OOOOH your angel book sounds very interesting. I've done some research on the Grigori, and they are a fascinating celestial order.

  9. Thanks, Caroline!

    Good to see you here. :)

  10. Bianca,

    I'm so glad Eli caught your interest.

    I know, the Grigori fascinated me, too. I enjoyed the research. I also had the chance to see The Dead Sea Scrolls and the segment of The Book of Enoch on display at a museum in San Diego.

    I hope to see you at the blog hop.
    Take care and thank you for coming by and saying hi.


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